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I am having difficulty installing Bainisteoir - Hurling© on my Microsoft Vista computer.

Certain Microsoft Vista users have experienced difficulty installing Bainisteoir - Hurling© because of their particular computer‘s security settings. To overcome this difficulty and successfully install the game, simply follow the below steps:

1. Ensure the Bainisteoir Hurling© CD ROM is placed in your computer‘s CD Drive.
2. On the PC Desktop, Open ‘My Computer‘.
3. Right-click on the CD icon entitled ‘Bainisteoir Hurl’.
4. From the options which appear, select ‘Explore’.
5. From the files which appear, right-click on the ‘startup’ (startup.exe) file.
6. From the options which appear, select ‘Run as administrator’.
7. A User Account Control message box appears asking you to trust this program. Click the Allow option.
8. The Bainisteoir - Hurling© installer will now start to run…please wait a few moments for the InstallShield Wizard for Bainisteoir Hurling© to appear.
9. Simply follow the guidelines offered to you by the InstallShield Wizard to successfully load Bainisteoir - Hurling© onto your computer.

Following the above steps shall allow you to play Bainisteoir Hurling© on your Vista-ran computer.

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