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About Tailteann Games

The Tailteann Games Team

To produce Bainisteoir - Hurling©, Tailteann Games established a team that comprised of top programmers, artists and game designers, with a Business Development Manager, a Brand Manager and a Technical Director at the firm’s helm. Play-testers/quality assurance testers, research assistants and focus group respondents are continually employed in order to fulfil the company’s objectives. The National Director of Hurling and ex-Laois Hurling manager Paudie Butler also offered his considerable expertise to the company via a Hurling Consultancy role. Furthermore, an on-line forum moderator/customer care assistant has been employed to provide Bainisteoir - Hurling© fans with the service they deserve. 

From the outset, Tailteann Games appreciated the need to appoint a team of prime supporting professional advisors and service-providers. These include top multimedia, graphic design, web development, publishing (including replication, print and distribution experts), P.R, advertising, legal, financial, insurance and business consultants. Along their game development journey, Tailteann Games also formed close alliances and corporate partnerships with the following organisations: the Gaelic Players Association, GOAL, The ISPCC, The Irish Cancer Society, Guaranteed Irish, PEGI, A1 Games Distribution, Clini Synergy, Cumas Hurling, Smart Telecom, The Hogan Stand magazine/website and Tricycle Interactive.


How Tailteann Games operate

Akin to the more creative game design firms, Tailteann Games’ organisational structure is organic in nature. This structure proved to be extremely conducive towards creating high innovation levels.  With a free-flow of information throughout the organisation, all members had a significant input into the development and publishing processes. Therefore, Tailteann Games’ lean structure ensured the company was capable of generating more knowledge while spending less than larger organisations.



Company Details

Registered Office of Business: Unit 1A Carrigatogher, Nenagh Co. Tipperary
Co. Registration Number: 420412

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