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How do I alter my schedule of events for the season?

The “Schedule” activity area lists all events planned for the upcoming season. The events are colour-coded to easily differentiate between training sessions (grey), practice matches (blue), league matches (yellow) and championship matches (green). The schedule can be filtered to display only Remaining Events, Training Sessions, Practice Matches, League Matches & Championship Matches This is achieved by clicking the arrow opposite the “View Only” box.

If the schedule appears too congested or too empty, additional events (i.e. training sessions and practice matches) can be added or cancelled. A maximum of 10 practice matches are allowed for a single season. You must be careful in creating a balance between player burnout vs. performance improvement, when arranging or cancelling events. To add an event, hit the “Add Event” button. Click the “Training Session” or “Practice Match” button depending on which you wish to add to the season schedule.

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